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Exotic Autowa is primarily a paint protection Ottawa shop specializing in servicing the aesthetics of high end, luxury, super cars and exotics. We are known best for our extensive services in New Car Protection such as our premium level Ceramic Pro nano coatings and Car Paint Protection Film services. Exotic Autowa is also very well known and trusted for our thorough Car & Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans services while being mindful of not scratching the delicate paint of a vehicle. As we treat every square inch of both the interior and exterior of cars, we always strive to give our customers the best paint protection Ottawa and auto detailing services.

Our services range from scratch free hand washes to durable Ottawa paint protection packages. We specialize in restoring and preserving the paint, glass, leather, fabric and plastics of vehicles in addition to maintaining them. Our objective is to always provide our customers with top quality services meeting their vehicle’s needs as well as exceeding their expectations. We are by no means considered a high volume “Car Detailing” shop hence we prioritize quality. The primary focus at Exotic Autowa is giving each vehicle as much time, care and patience needed in order to meet and exceed our customer’s demands as well as ensure they receive exactly what they pay for. Our experience, knowledge and passion makes us the trusted and reputable Car Detailing, Ceramic Coatings and Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans shop we are today.

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Ceramic Coatings and Ottawa Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Ottawa - Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Orleans
Ceramic Coating Car Paint Protection Ottawa

Factory paint jobs and clear coats are getting weaker as manufacturers tend to cut corners on these steps. This results in your cars’s paint being vulnerable to scratches, etching, UV damage, oxidization, environmental damages and much more. At times, your car is delivered to you with these damages as the car has been sitting outside on the lot or was improperly prepared for you prior to delivery. This is where Exotic Autowa’s Paint Correction and Car Paint Protection Ottawa & Orleans services can help. New cars are brought to us often in order to fix these defects and have a ceramic coating applied hence providing resistance against these damages. Our solution which is known as Ceramic Pro is applied to the paint, wheels and windows of cars resulting in long term protection measuring from at least 2 years to an entire lifetime of a vehicle.

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Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa SunTek PPF
Car Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans

Exotic Autowa offers the innovative SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film Ottawa which is one of the best known paint protection solutions especially against those detrimental stone/rock chips. As 3M is a brand that’s become very well known in the industry, most people tend to call paint protection film in Ottawa “3M wrap”. Please note that 3M is simply a brand among other many great brands such as SunTek, Xpel and  Llumar with SunTek outperforming these brands through its innovative top coat. Our trained specialists use their artistic skills while applying the film in order to ensure a “invisible” effect which results in the film being unnoticeable at first glance. Suntek Ultra PPF is also self-healing which removes swirls and light scratches by using heat from the sun or the engine of your car. The film is covered by a top coat which provides a slick glossy finish, prevents yellowing and provides stain resistance against bug splatters, bird droppings and other acids. Backed by a 10 year warranty, SunTek Ultra Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa is one of the best options for New Car Paint Protection in Ottawa & Orleans.

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Current Best Sellers

Ottawa Paint Protection Film/ Ceramic Pro Coatings/ Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans

  • Virtually invisible 8 mills thin plastic film
  • Self-healing properties against light scratches
  • Durable protection against stone/rock chips
  • 10 year warranty
  • Full hood, full fenders, mirrors, headlights & front bumper protected (full front end)

Starting at $1450*

*Price varies by size of vehicle. Plus applicable taxes. 

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  • Unbeatable combination of shine and protection
  • Maintains a look better than the day your vehicle was brought home
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Scratch resistant

Starting at $899*

*Price varies by size of vehicle. Plus applicable taxes.

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Thorough auto detailing of every square inch of the interior of car.

  • Deep interior auto detailing (includes seats, floors, dash/door panels and more
  • Floors shampooed to remove salt
  • Leather seats shampooed/conditioned (if cloth then shampooed only)
  • All interior dashboard, door panels cleaned and conditioned

Make your car’s interior look like new again through Ottawa & Orleans’ best interior auto detailers

Cars or Coupes: $139.99*

Small SUV or Crossover: $154.99*

Large SUV or Van: $169.99*

*Plus applicable taxes. Extra dirty fees may apply for extra dirty cases (i.e. pet hair, element removal, excess dirt etc.) .

Exotic Autowa was built by our Car Detailing Orleans & Ottawa services. Experienced in working with all types of cars including luxury, exotics and even work trucks, we have gained knowledge on the various levels of care each car needs. We have experience working with real leather, vinyl, cloth, soft paint, hard paint and matte paint. Exotic Autowa knows exactly which brands and products to use on your cars delicate finish. Each of our Car Detailing Orleans & Ottawa services are tailored specifically to your cars needs. If you are looking for a more specific service than what our packages offer you can always call us and we will strive to make your request possible. Click the link below to browse through our various Car Detailing Orleans & Ottawa services.

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