About Us

Exotic Autowa, which is initially a detailing shop, was founded in September 2015. Founded by 2 young and motivated entrepreneurs, we are continuously looking for new ways to expand our business whilst offering the best quality service in the most convenient, honest and passionate manners. We do not aspire to be a high volume “detailing” shop looking to make as much coin as quick as possible. Rather, we strive to be Ottawa’s one stop shop to protect, preserve and maintain high-end, luxury, exotic and super cars. Rest assured your precious investment will always be welcomed and taken care of meticulously according to its needs and your desires. Exotic Autowa is the reputable and growing company it is today due to your continuous support. Together, we believe we can eventually become the number one automotive shop in Ottawa.

Our mission is to establish an automotive care shop which is known to be trusted and reputable for our reliable and honest work specializing in Luxury and Exotic cars in Ottawa. We try to provide you, the customer, a unique experience every visit filled with care and reassurance of being in a comfortable environment. Be assured that Exotic Autowa will never take advantage of anyone and will always recommend the best for the customer and their vehicle. You can also be assured that we will never cut corners and will always provide the attention and patience each vehicle deserves!

Our Values

We always strive to do the right thing. Our commitment to the truth is unwavering, both in actions and in words.

We only exist to serve our customers, so their concerns are always at the forefront of our business. We will serve our clients with genuine humility that leaves no doubt that they are the sole focus of all of our focus and endeavors.

We are an ever-growing organization that constantly seeks areas of expansion and innovation. This growth starts at the personal level and continues into all aspects of our business.

Teamwork is our individual actions, brought together for our common purpose. We combine our individual actions to work towards and accomplish the larger group objective. We cooperate, using our individual skills, and provide constructive feedback despite any personal conflict between individuals.