Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans

We are EXPERTS in high-end, luxury and exotic car/auto detailing in Ottawa & Orleans

Exotic Autowa firmly believes that Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans is something more than just car cleaning. Hence, we push ourselves to reach and exceed standards beyond regular auto detailing practices in Ottawa & Orleans. Offering services such as our engine detail, interior shampoo detail, decontamination detail (clay bar and wax) and other different details, we focus on treating every square inch of your vehicle. We at Exotic Autowa have years of experience working on various types of vehicles resulting in the knowledge we have regarding different types of materials your car possesses. Every car brand has its own special type of carpeting, leather/vinyl and paint. We are experienced in working with all types of these materials in a safe and effective manner. Auto detailing Ottawa & Orleans is our forte and we will strive to give you the “brand new car effect” you deserve by assuring your car looks better than the day you picked it up from the dealership.

With the goal of offering you the best Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans services, we will go the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction. Our professionals strive to provide world-class services at competitive prices. We treat each vehicle as our own and accordingly provide you the services tailored to your needs.

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Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans Packages

Interior Shampoo Detail

  • Cleaning of entire interior plastic, dashboards, center console, door panels etc.
  • Conditioning of entire interior plastic, dashboards, center console, door panels etc.
  • Carpet, floor mats, and trunk vacuumed (rubber mats degreased)
  • Carpet and floor mats shampooed/steam cleaned to remove salt
  • All leather seats shampooed/conditioned (If cloth then shampooed only)
  • Inside windows cleaned

Add Exotic Hand Wash for $20

Cars/Coupes: $129.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $144.99

Vans/Trucks: $159.99

Exotic Detail

  • The Shampoo Detail PLUS:
  • Tire and rims scrubbed with special rim cleaner solution
  • Lug nuts detailed
  • Wheel wells degreased
  • Covered in soap using foam canon (safest cleaning method)
  • Two bucket method wash using grit guards
  • Bugs scrubbed
  • Gas cap interior detailed
  • Vehicle body dried
  • Water air blown from crevices/mirrors
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Tire shine application
  • Application of hi-tech carnauba wax (offers up to 6 months of protection)

Cars/Coupes: $194.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $219.99

Vans/Trucks: $224.99

Decontamination Detail

  • The Shampoo Detail PLUS:
  • The Exotic Detail PLUS:
  • Thorough clay bar process
  • Thorough IronX process
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Water repellent treatment on windows

Cars/Coupes: $234.99

Small SUV/Crossover: $249.99

Vans/Trucks: $264.99

Experience professional Auto Detailing in Ottawa & Orleans.

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Exotic Hand Wash

  • Rims soaped and cleaned
  • Two bucket method wash
  • Vehicle body air dried
  • Door Jambs Cleaned

Cars/Coupes: $24.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $29.99

Trucks/Vans: $34.99

Maintenance Detail

  • Cleaning of entire interior plastic, dashboards, center console, door panels etc.
  • Carpet, floor mats, and truck vacuumed (rubber mats degreased)
  • Inside windows cleaned
  • Rims soaped and cleaned
  • Two bucket method wash
  • Vehicle body air dried
  • Door jambs cleaned

Cars/Coupes: $54.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $64.99

Trucks/Vans: $74.99

Miscellaneous Detail

Not your every day detailing necessities. This form of detailing consists of:

  • Head light restoration: $59.99
  • Odour removal: $59.99
  • Element removal: $79.99
  • Pet hair removal: $49.99

Which Car Detailing Package Should I pick?

Breakdown Of Our Most Popular Packages – Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans

We strive to give you the best auto detailing Ottawa & Orleans services, this being said here is a break down of our top 3 services. Depending on a few factors such as the season, how often you get your car detailed, and your budget your car will have its own detailing needs. Our most popular package is the Interior Shampoo Detail with an Exotic Hand Wash as an add on. This package is ideal you if you’re looking to remove the built up grime you are dealing with mainly due to winter and want your car to look brand new again. We remove all salt stains on your carpets, shampoo your seats and provide the entire car with a thorough decontamination resulting in a disinfected and clean interior for you and your passengers.

Our next most popular package is the Decontamination Detail. This package is a best seller not only because it focuses on the interior of your car but it’s also a thorough detail of the exterior of your car. Just like your interior your car accumulates harsh elements such as acids and brake dust on the exterior which deteriorate your paint, wheels and glass. This package consists of the steps from the Interior Shampoo Detail followed by an excessive decontamination of your exterior using a clay bar and acid wash resulting in the removal of all the built up contaminants.  We top off this package with an exterior carnauba wax (we use durable paste wax not liquid unlike our competitors), providing your car with up to 6 months of protection as well as a high gloss finish giving it the “brand new car effect” it deserves.

Our third and final most popular package for Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans is the Maintenance Detail. This package is normally taken advantage of on a monthly or biweekly basis for many, however for others it’s done once every 2-3 months. Our Maintenance Detail is a great way for you to stay on top of keeping your car in shape. We provide your car with a thorough vacuum and wipe down from front to back and left to right in the interior. We top this detail off with an Exotic Hand Wash to restore its exterior shine and clean off the areas a typical gas station car wash could never reach.

As mentioned above, each car has its own need and each package has its own benefit. Through our experience we’ve learnt the trends and know what our customers want. It’s become a rule of thumb to our clients that our highly priced Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans packages such as the Interior Shampoo Detail & Decontamination Detail are mainly done in the spring to remove winter grime and done again in the fall to remove all the summer traveling contaminants. Our lower priced Maintenance Detail package is very popular throughout winter and summer allowing your car to be in top shape as it hits the road and faces its harsh conditions.

Regardless of the package you choose we at Exotic Autowa will always strive to go above and beyond for you to provide the best Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans services. Our passion for cars and meticulousness consistently push us to do great work. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment you can call us at 613 914 5716 or fill out our contact form on the contact us page.

Engine Detailing Ottawa & Orleans

Did you know when a mechanic opens your hood and see a clean engine they deal with your car with more care and attention?


  • Engine bay shampooed (Underside of hood degreased if vustomer wishes)
  • Agitated using a brush
  • Degreased cleaned
  • Engine bay conditioned

Cars/Coupes: $49.99

SUV/Crossovers: $54.99

Trucks/Vans: $59.99