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Your high-end, luxury and exotic car detailing Ottawa EXPERTS!

Exotic Autowa firmly believes that Car Detailing Ottawa & Orleans is something more than just car cleaning. Hence we push ourselves to reach and exceed standards beyond regular car detailing practices in Ottawa & Orleans. Offering services such as our engine detail, interior shampoo detail, decontamination detail (clay bar and wax) and other services, we focus on treating every square inch of your car.

We at Exotic Autowa have years of experience working on various types of cars resulting in our vast knowledge in regards to the many different aspects of your car. Every car brand has its own special type of carpeting, leather/vinyl and paint. Experienced in working with all types of these materials in a safe and effective manner, auto detailing Ottawa & Orleans is our forte and we will strive to give you the “brand new car effect” you and your car deserve.

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Auto & Car Detailing Ottawa & Orleans Packages

Interior Shampoo Detail

Complete & Thorough Interior Car Detailing

  • Cleaning & Conditioning of entire interior plastic, dashboards, center console, door panels etc.
  • Carpet and floor mats shampooed (rubber mats degreased)
  • Salt removed
  • All leather seats shampooed/conditioned (If cloth then shampooed only)
  • Inside windows cleaned

Add our Exotic Hand Wash for only $20. Includes rim detail, exterior windows and door jambs!

Cars/Coupes: $139.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $154.99

Vans/Trucks: $169.99

Exotic Detail

Complete Interior Detail & Exterior Carnauba WAX

  • The Shampoo Detail PLUS:
  • Tire and rims scrubbed with special rim cleaner solution
  • Covered in soap using foam canon (safest cleaning method)
  • Two bucket method wash using grit guards
  • Gas cap interior detailed
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Application of hi-tech carnauba wax (offers up to 6 months of  exterior protection)

Cars/Coupes: $204.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $229.99

Vans/Trucks: $234.99

Decontamination Detail

Full Decontamination of Interior and Exterior Allowing Longer Lasting Protection

  • The Shampoo Detail PLUS:
  • The Exotic Detail PLUS:
  • Thorough clay bar process
  • Thorough IronX process to remove little rust spots (brake dust on paint)
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Water repellent treatment on windows

This process can extend the life of carnauba wax from 6 months up to 1 year.

Cars/Coupes: $299.99

Small SUV/Crossover: $314.99

Vans/Trucks: $329.99

Experience professional Auto Detailing in Ottawa & Orleans.

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Exotic Hand Wash

The wash that will have your car dancing like diamonds

  • Rims scrubbed and cleaned
  • Two bucket method wash
  • Vehicle body air dried (this is the step that prevents swirls)
  • Door Jambs Cleaned
  • Tire shine application

Cars/Coupes: $24.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $29.99

Trucks/Vans: $34.99

Maintenance Detail

The detail that keeps your car touched up in between your big shampoo cleanings

  • Cleaning & conditioning of entire interior plastic, dashboards, center console, door panels etc.
  • Carpet, floor mats, seats and trunk vacuumed (rubber mats degreased)
  • Leather seats wiped down using delicate leather cleaner
  • Inside windows cleaned
  • Rims scrubbed using wheel woolies
  • Two bucket method wash

Cars/Coupes: $54.99

Small SUV/Crossovers: $64.99

Trucks/Vans: $74.99

Engine Detailing

A clean engine acts as a reminder to any mechanic that your engine needs be dealt with the appropriate care & attention necessary.

  • Engine bay degreased (underside of hood degreased if customer wishes)
  • Agitated using soft brush
  • Degreased areas cleaned
  • Engine bay conditioned

Cars/Coupes: $49.99

SUV/Crossovers: $54.99

Trucks/Vans: $59.99

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