New Car Protection - Ottawa Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings

So you’ve just purchased your brand new car, congratulations! Now one of your concerns is how can I keep my new car looking as great or even better then day I bought it? We at Exotic Autowa have the Ottawa Paint Protection solution. Being specialists in protecting, preserving and maintaining cars we have come up with packages specifically for new car protection in Ottawa & Orleans. We are trained and certified specialists in two highly effective and reputable services: Ceramic Pro & Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans. Our Ottawa paint protection services range from “just enough” all the way up to immensely durable protection.


The first and most durable form of protection is Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (PPF) Ottawa & Orleans. Often called

Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans
Ottawa Paint Protection Film

PPF, 3M paint protection film, xpel film or clear bra, this product is the best form of protection that can be applied to a vehicle. It is 8 mills thick which makes it strong enough to resist against rock chip penetration, swirls and scratches. The film is very glossy and optically clear which provides an “invisible effect” making it appear as if the film is not there at first glance. All of our material is pre-cut specifically for your vehicle which results in a perfect fit and best of all no cutting on your paint. We use SunTek Ultra Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa which has an innovative top coat. The top coat is not only hydrophobic but also contains superior self-healing properties which activate by heat from the sun or even from your car’s engine. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty, this is a great from of long term Ottawa paint protection. The film is typically applied on the front end of a vehicle covering the high impact areas of road debris. It is recommended to cover the hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors, headlights and rockers. At Exotic Autowa we offer both partial and full (recommended/most popular) protection of these areas. Our Ottawa Paint Protection Film services are by far the best and most durable form of auto paint protection.


Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Ottawa & Orleans
Ceramic Coating Ottawa Paint Protection

The second is Ceramic Pro Ottawa & Orleans, a nano ceramic coating which is extremely slick thus it doesn’t let elements which are hazardous to your paint stick to your vehicle. This coating provides excellent long lasting protection against environmental hazards (Canadian winters), UV protection and acid protection which in turn prevents deterioration of your vehicle’s paint, wheels and glass surfaces. It also provides an unbeatable level of shine and its hydrophobic effects result in self cleaning properties so you spend less time maintaining your vehicle and more time enjoying it. Ceramic Pro can be applied on all sorts of surfaces including paint, wheels, glass and leather. Depending on the amount of layers applied, the coating can last anywhere from 2 years (ideal for leased vehicles) all the way up to the entire lifetime of the vehicle. The warranty for this service also varies between 2 years to the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Our Ceramic Pro Ottawa services offer 3 different paint protection packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The difference between each level is the amount of layers each package contains. Bronze package contains 1 layer, Silver contains 2 layers and Gold contains 5 layers. Although Ceramic Pro cannot protect against rock chips it is durable in its own way. It’s a great option for those who are on a tight budget and are looking to protect their entire vehicle rather than just the front end.

Protection Level 1 is a very popular level of protection necessary for a vehicle as it is a great way to protect all paint surfaces, wheels and glass surfaces (entire vehicle is protected). This package consists of our Ceramic Pro Silver Package which is formed of 2 layers of Ceramic Pro. The first layer is “Ceramic Pro 9H” which acts as a clear coat that is 3 times harder than traditional clear coat (usually 3H). This is what will provide your vehicle with protection against minor scratching, acids, UV etc. The second layer we apply is called “Ceramic Pro Light” which is a top coat to “9H”. This layer provides extreme gloss as well as hydrophobicity which prevents etching and adds self-cleaning properties.


  • Excellent protection for the entire car against main elements that damage/dull
  • Paint, wheels and all glass surfaces protected
  • Protection that will last for 5 years instead of only weeks or months


  • No paint protection against stone/rock chips
  • Minimal paint protection against scratches (swirls)

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Supreme Paint Protection Film for durable protection against stone/rock chips

Protection Level 2 is our Supreme Paint Protection Film (PPF) Package which is the next step up from a ceramic coating. This is for those who prefer protecting their vehicle from stone/rock chips in the front end as opposed to protecting their entire car. We cover your entire hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights and front bumper in Suntek Ultra PPF. The film has the most innovative top coat the industry has to offer providing self-healing technology and optical clarity making it seem as if the film isn’t even there.


  • Durable protection against road debris such as stone/ rock chips
  • Excellent protection against scratches
  • Premium protection against etching of acids
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Only the front end of your vehicle has protection leaving rest of it vulnerable to damages

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Ceramic Pro Silver Package in order to provide protection to the rest of the car – $899+
  • Roof & A-pillars Paint Protection Film coverage as they are sometimes impacted by flying debris – $150
  • Rocker panels Paint Protection Film coverage for when your tires will kick up stones/rocks – $250

Protection Level 3 is the go to for those who are looking to protect their entire vehicle and are looking for long term protection (at least 5 years). We combine our Supreme Paint Protection Film (PPF) package with our Ceramic Pro Silver package. This provides enough protection to keep every aspect of the exterior of your vehicle looking better than the day you purchased it.


Full car is protected.

  • Front end of your car is protected against stone/rock chips and bugs
  • Rest of your entire car is also protected by 2 layers of Ceramic Pro
  • Every square inch of your car is protected including wheels and glass surffaces


  • Areas of your car that don’t have Paint Protection Film have a slim chance of getting stone/rock chips

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Roof & A-pillars Paint Protection Film coverage as they are sometimes impacted by flying debris – $150
  • Rocker panels Paint Protection Film coverage for when your tires will kick up stones/rocks – $250
  • 1 stage polish to bring out maximum shine of your vehicle – $250

Ceramic Pro vs Paint Protection Film Ottawa (PPF)

Ottawa Paint Protection

So which form of Ottawa Paint Protection should you go with in order to protect your new car? As mentioned above Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the most durable form of protection with its main benefits being protection against stone/rock chips, swirls and scratches. Ceramic Pro on the other hand isn’t as durable but will still provide the necessary protection to keep your vehicle looking new for years due to its creation of low surface energy. Both products contain hydrophobic effects however Ceramic pro is much stronger in this area resulting in better self-cleaning properties. Both products also provide extreme gloss however Ceramic Pro provides superior gloss. Overall Paint Protection Film will provide much better protection for your vehicle keeping it looking mint for years. This is mainly due to the fact that the film acts as a sacrificial plastic barrier and is thick enough to not let anything penetrate it. In comparison, Ceramic Pro is a liquid which heals as glass allowing road debris to penetrate through the coating. The best solution for ultimate protection for any vehicle is to wrap the entire car in PPF. However, we understand this is a costly and time consuming service to many thus we recommend the next best solution which is a mix of both products. It is recommended and very effective to have the full front end covered in Supreme Paint Protection Film followed by covering the entire car in Ceramic Pro Silver Package. This results in every square inch of the vehicle being protected including the impact areas (front end), paint, wheels and glass surfaces. 

If there are any questions regarding our Ottawa Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Pro services we can always be contacted for more information!